Frostfiskur is a family-run company with a solid foundation built on the valuable experience and knowledge of three generations. The company was founded in 1992 by the brothers Steingrímur and Þorgrímur Leifsson, who still run the operation to this day and are constantly working to improve the company’s products.

Frostfiskur operates two processing plants, employing a total of 140 people. The first plant is based in Þorlákshöfn and produces fresh and frozen fish, with a capacity of up to 12.000 tons a year. The main fish species used are cod, haddock, pollock, mackerel, herring and fish roe.  The second plant is called Klumba which is based in Ólafsvík. It specializes in the production of dried fish from 12.000 tons of raw material a year.  It uses mainly cod, haddock, ling, tusk and pollock.



Quality is at the forefront of everything that Frostfiskur produces. Frostfiskur holds a MSC certificate for environmental standards for sustainable fishery of cod and haddock. In addition, all the fish that Frostfiskur uses is obtained from responsible sources.

For these reasons, Frostfiskur has been the foremost company in fresh and frozen fish production in Iceland for the last two decades.  Our goal is to deliver fresh and frozen fish every single day of the year and offer the highest quality standards in the country.

Þorlákshöfn – frozen and fresh
Phone:   +354 483 3700
Mobile:  +354 840 0072

Ólafsvík – dried
Phone:   +354 483 3700
Mobile:  +354 840 0071